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brain farts [19 Mar 2006|01:09am]
damnnnnn its almost been a year since ive updated this thing

if anyone still reads this thing then you better be coming to Cycle Slaughterama 3 on evil fools day(april 1st) and have a fun ass time. No excuses.

where am i gonna get $2,000-$3,000 by this september so i can bike around Europe with willy for months and months and have the best time in my life ever? anyone, suggestions? i have about 0$ now, i gotta suck it up and get a job.. im too spoiled by only paying 100$ a month in rent and working once a week.

when i get back from the trip do i want to get a house with willy in west philly, or should i return to richmond... or wait, what about going to school..
thats too far away to think about
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